“I highly recommend Adrienne and her crew! I recently switched to her services from another dogwalker for my dog, Max, and he is very happy with her. When I get home, he always seems well-exercised and relaxed and is thrilled to see her and her guy when they come get him. She is very reliable and understands how pets are family members, and has come up with great suggestions to ensure my dog is comfortable.
I am new to the dog walking world, so it is with much gratitude that I write this review for Adrienne of Harlem’s Happy Hounds. She has done a superb job taking care of my pups, Cheswick and Malongo. My pups love her! WOOF! Eight paws up for her dependable service!!”
Carolyn Santiago
“Adrienne and her team, awesome. I was referred to her by my pet groomer, Posh Pets on FDB. Adrienne takes her business seriously, she came to my place for a consultation with my pup. She wanted to meet the dog and make sure all 3 of us were comfortable with one another. I was very apprehensive, initially, in that there would be a stranger in my home, but I have never had any incidents with Adrienne. Also on my pup’s daily walks she always leaves me a note, so I can know how he did on them and if he’s had any problems or issues that need to be addressed. It’s like a little report card. I also appreciate that Adrienne is so accommodating. I highly recommend Adrienne’s services. She loves what she does and her clients can see that.”
Jennifer Calgazhe
“Adrienne’s company has walked my dog 5 days a week for 4 years, since he was a pup. She is INCREDIBLY dependable and my dog adores her. He comes home from his hour-long walks tired and relaxed. She started when we lived in Morningside Heights, after we moved down the UWS she still comes down to walk him. She is very careful and I know my dog is safe with her. I highly recommend this business.”
Mr.&Mrs. Jacobs
“Adrienne is so sweet, kind, efficient, trustworthy and my dog loves her! She came into our lives about Oct 2011 and walks our big dog 5 days a week and then some. She always leaves me fun notes to let me know how his walk went and I absolutely love that. I highly recommend Harlems Happy Hounds.”
Christina Rodriguez
“Adrienne has been walking my dog for about a year and is wonderful. My dog is crazy and very aggressive with other dogs, but Adrienne and her assistants have done an amazing job with him. She’s gotten him to behave on walks and successfully introduced him to a lot of other dogs. She’s also very reliable, communicative, and sweet. I’ve had bad experiences with other dog walkers, but never with Adrienne. She’s definitely the best walker in Harlem.”
Arnold Hammer