Congratulations on the new member of your family! Before your pup is ready to hit the busy streets of New York City, you should consider our new puppy consultation.


We can tell you about the best vets and groomers in the neighborhood, where to get safe, low-cost vaccinations, how to register your puppy and get a New York City dog license, and where to buy the highest quality products for your new friend. We know every park, dog run, and inch of grass in your neighborhood, and can provide recommendations about where your pup might do some socializing.


At Harlem’s Happy Hounds, we’ll help you raise your puppy from the beginning! We’ll spend time with her/him, ensuring that she or he is comfortable. Since stimulation and activity are so important for young puppies, we’ll play with your pup, introducing toys that will help foster development. We’ll also make sure that your dog has enough food and water, and we will even replace messy wee-wee pads for no extra charge. We can supervise as your toilet train your puppy, giving you tips and tricks from our more than ten years of experience. After your puppy is comfortable with humans, she or he will need to interact with other canines to gain the social skills necessary to grow into a good adult dog. We can oversee your puppy’s initial interactions with dogs, both big and small. Socializing and playtime are important when instilling basic obedience and good puppy manners and behavior. We’ll also help introduce your new friend to other animals in the family.  We can’t wait to meet your happy hound! Let us help you get started.


Contact us for an appointment to learn more about our rates.