My name is Charlie. I’m a five-year-old shepherd, lab, and something mix. Who knows? I have pointy ear and I’m cute, or at least most humans think so. Well, with the exception of that grumpy old man who lives across the hall. Anyway, my amazing dog sitter – Karly – asked me to write a blog about my experiences with dog sitters. So here it goes …
I used to hate it when my parents went away. I mean … I wouldn’t want to travel with them since I hate cars, planes, and trains. I really prefer to be at home or out in the park near our place. But when they went away they used to put me in a kennel! Can you believe it? It stunk in there, and there were tons of other weird dogs and even cats. Some of them could have really used some time at the groomer. The guys at the kennel would take us out a couple times a day but we’d walk in this crazy pack. It was so hard to relieve myself with all those other dogs around, if you know what I mean.
I think my parents finally realized what was up when they came to pick me up after one particularly long stay at the dog boarding facility. I was so pissed at them that I destroyed some of their shoes and I even chewed up one of the dining room chairs. What’s a guy to do when he can’t speak, and he needs to get his point across? You know what I mean? So thank god, my parents finally got smart and they checked dog sitting rates online. They got into that Internet thing that humans love and they searched pet sitting rates and they found the most amazing professional pet sitter – Karly!
When I first met Karly, I knew she would be the best dog sitter ever. Right away, she commented on my cuteness and pet me and scratched behind my ears in just the right place. The days she stayed over were some of the best I’ve ever had. She took me to the park, to the dog run, and we even played Frisbee, which, I’d like to mention, I’m quite good at. She fed me all the right food at all the right times and was more generous with treats than my own parents! At night, we watched movies and snuggled. I’ve got to say, Karly is the best professional bet sitter in the world!