If your dog or cat is more comfortable staying at home while you’re away, we’ll send one of our professional pet sitters to come stay at your place to keep them company. Kennels and boarding options can be scary and uncomfortable, while their homes are what your pets know and love best. We have competitive dog sitting rates and, as usual, safety and comfort are our top priorities. We are registered with Pet Sitters International, and have all been trained to make sure your pet is happy, safe, and playful. Sitting for dogs includes walking 3 times per day, feeding, watering, and of course, treating. We are happy to follow all of your specific instructions to attend to your dog’s individual needs. Just like taking care of human children, our professional pet sitters understand that caring for pets requires personalized, loving attention. We’ll follow your instructions for bedtime, walks, feeding, and any medication that needs to be administered. With some of the best pet sitting prices in the city, we offer everything your dog needs.


For cat sitting, we also provide professional pet sitters with affordable pet siting rates. Cat sitting includes feeding, watering, and changing the litter. We will also administer medication. Our professional pet sitters know that each cat has a different temperament and will appropriately attend to your cat’s needs. Since all of our pet sitters are true animal lovers, your pet is guaranteed to have a wonderful time.


Contact us for an appointment to learn more about our rates and to introduce us to your happy homebodies!

Pet Sitting Rates