At Harlem’s Happy Hounds, we offer some of the best dog training in NYC. We know that owning a dog in NYC is not always easy. Dogs here have to deal with the unnatural elements of crowds, small apartments, and distractions on the streets. Especially during the early years of your dog ownership, you may need some assistance assuring that your dog is happy, safe, and in control. With over seven years of hands on experience, our dog trainer will help you reach those goals. She will teach your dog to be obedient, well behaved, and fun and easy to live with and walk. She will work with you and your dog individually, attending to your specific needs and requirements. She will teach you the techniques necessary to maintain consistency and reinforce training in a positive manner. She teaches basic training (sit, stay, come, etc.), and works on modifying specific “bad” behavior like pulling on the leash, jumping up on people, leash aggression, resistance to walks, anxiety induced barking, and accidents in the house. She can also work on introducing more advanced training and tricks upon request.


As a dog walking company, we take training seriously. Our professional pet sitters, walkers, and handlers are also involved in the process of training your dog. Taking detailed directions from our trainer, we make sure that all techniques are employed correctly and consistently. We provide regular progress reports and demonstrate exercises for you to reinforce your dog’s training and retention. We also offer written training materials and training camps in the park for you and your dog to take advantage of. The Harlem’s Happy Hounds family assures you that we can help break any problematic habits and introduce better behavior. We will quote a price based on you and your dog’s needs.

Contact us for an appointment to learn more about our dog training rates and to introduce us to your happy hound!