In 2006, Adrienne Rivera and her beloved dog, Rocky, moved to West Harlem. As a professional nanny, she was working long hours and needed someone reliable she could trust to take care of Rocky. Unable to find anyone, she made a promise to provide safe and dependable dog walking services and pet care. She wanted the best, not just for Rocky, but for the entire neighborhood.

Seven years later, Harlem’s Happy Hounds has expanded its clientele and service area. Now serving all of upper Manhattan and the Upper West Side, Harlem’s Happy Hounds provides fun and exercise for pets and peace of mind for their owners.

Harlem’s Happy Hounds is a fully insured and bonded business that has become part of the family for many well-loved uptown dogs. It is a woman-owned and operated business that focuses on providing personalized, professional care for your pet.

Founded by Adrienne Rivera in 2006, Harlem’s Happy Hounds, is composed of a small team of pet care professionals trained by Adrienne herself. We serve all of uptown Manhattan and the Upper West Side. By entrusting the cutest member(s) of your family to HHH, you can be assured that:

  • Your dog will spend time with professional walkers. At HHH, training is a five-week intensive program that ensures that every walker understands the techniques, temperaments, and health and safety requirements that are essential to being a professional dog walker.
  • Your dog will be safe and comfortable. She/he will never be pack walked. Due to our concern with safety, no walker will ever be with more than 3 dogs at a time. Your dog will never run loose, nor sit tied to a fence while other dogs are picked up.
  • Your dog will always work with a true animal lover, and enjoy genuine caring and affection (free of charge!).

our Team


Dustin Mark moved to New York from Houston four years ago in order to follow his dream of becoming an unacclaimed humorist. He has been a proud member of the Harlem’s Happy Hounds team for two years and considers himself lucky to have worked with so many special people and dogs.


Vegetarian, dog lover, and animal-rights activists, Adrienne and her dog Rocky started Harlem’s Happy Hounds in 2006. She now oversees the operations of the company in addition to continuing the walking and pet sitting she loves.


Oceane, 23 years old, moved from New-Caledonia to New York three years ago as au pair. She took care of two dogs during this time, which is when she decided she wanted to work with animals. Oceane has always been a huge animal lover, and is also passionate about cinema and acting.